by A Legacy Unwritten

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Motionless in darkness

(My lyfe has voided you
just a body in a box
forgotten set of skin
welcome to your filthy home

rotted, recycled and eaten
shit back into the world like you once were)

I’m here to tell you everything that happens when you’re dead

Pay attention
things must be said

under the ground, deep down under.
nothing but worm food, a carcass to plunder.

trapped and alone, forever that wooden cage
tossed away, forgotten like a torn out page

maggots, eating every ounce of your tissue


but only if you’re lucky to keep the brain intact.
without that pathetic human organ
DMT will lack


DMT will lack
and you don’t want to have that happen
consciousness on a dark plain

but I’ll make sure that happens
rip the joy from your cynical lyfe
have nothing in this death but
internal darkness

that’s where you’ll lay to be carbon 14’d
you’ll lay there silent, having nothing but your worst dreams.

I grab the spine and sever it with precision
All joy you wanted is removed by my hands

Empty headed
I want to watch as the lyfe leaves your eyes.
I love to watch as the light slowly dies.


released June 12, 2016
All music written by A Legacy Unwritten
Recording, Mixing, & Mastering from Kirkbride Recordings



all rights reserved


A Legacy Unwritten Atlanta, Georgia

We are A Legacy Unwritten, a deathcore band from Atlanta, GA.

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